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Gibraltar Title Services (GTS) understands that privacy is of great concern to most users of the Internet and among those sharing personal information when involved in a real estate transaction. We appreciate and are sensitive to these concerns and the requirements of applicable federal and state privacy laws. We believe that the best way to assuage your concerns is to advise you of how we will utilize any personal information you provide to us. Therefore, we have adopted the following Privacy Policy to govern the usage and handling of your personal information.


Personal Information about you may be collected from the following sources:

  • From applications or other forms we receive from you or your authorized representative
  • From your transactions with, or from the services being performed by us, our suppliers, or
  • others
  • From our internet web site; and
  • From the public records maintained by governmental entities that we either obtain directly
  • from those entities, or from our suppliers or others


Procedural Safeguards Employed to Protect Confidentiality

In order to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to any of your information, we restrict access to those individuals and entities who need to know that information to meet your needs. We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to accomplish this goal.


Restrictions on Sharing of Your Personal Information

We may share your Personal Information with others, such as mortgage brokers, lenders, and

other real estate settlement service providers. We also may disclose your Personal Information To agents, brokers or representatives to provide you with services you have requested To third-party contractors or service providers who provide services or perform marketing or other functions on our behalf. In addition, we will disclose your Personal Information when you direct or give us permission, when we are required by law to do so, or when we suspect fraudulent or criminal activities. We also may disclose your Personal Information when otherwise permitted by applicable privacy laws such as, for example, when disclosure is needed to enforce our rights arising out of any agreement, transaction or relationship with you. One of the important responsibilities we undertake is to record documents in the public domain. Such documents may contain your Personal Information.


Statistical Information Regarding Your Visit

When you visit a Gibraltar Title Services website there are no mechanisms in place to automatically collect statistics about your visit, for example, information concerning the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed and similar information is not collected. Furthermore, our web servers do not collect the User's IP address and browser information for us to monitor.



We also want you, our visitors, to know that we take the security of your information very seriously. We use industry accepted tools and procedures that protect the files in our data system. However, due to the open communication nature of the Internet we cannot guarantee that communication between you and us and us and you will be free from unauthorized access by third parties nor can we be responsible for information stolen from our servers by information harvesting software which may have the ability to scrape data.



GTS is not responsible for the availability of or the business and privacy practices of other Web sites which are linked to, or which are linked from, or connected to We provide these links to our visitors for information and service. We do not take responsibility for the contents, advertising, products or other materials made available through any other Web site nor for their data collection practices. We refer you to their Privacy Statements and Policies to learn how they collect and use information about you.

Occasionally, when linking to another site you may still see our site's logo or frame. This is to provide you with a seamless experience when visiting our Web site. In these cases you are no longer on and are now on a different Web site whose information collection practices may differ from ours. The privacy policy of the site you are on will govern how information that is collected from you is used. On these pages you will see our site address in the location bar of your browser and we will take steps to notify you when you leave our site and go to a third party Web site.



GTS reserves the right to change or amend its Visitors' Privacy Policy to address new issues of privacy and information security and to reflect changes to our Web site or business practices. Any new changes will always be posted in this section of the Gary Greene Web site.



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